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    In our UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA print issue, we’re delving into realities both existing and imagined to reflect on the world we currently live in. The past few years have seen constant shifts in governmental policies, devastating environmental challenges and a building momentum of collective resistance. In turn, we’re reflecting on the disturbing realities we’re faced with, and channeling the hope of new possibilities. Featuring interviews, features and poems alongside beautiful visuals and photography, we’re finding inspiration from creatives across various realms, whose work offers promise and a glimpse into the kind of future we want to see. With the importance of community more discernible than ever, we speak to collectives and individuals about finding liberation in spaces that embrace and welcome them wholly. Crucially, we’re also looking back to examine the political histories and cultural touchpoints that have led us to this point. Whether you connect more with fears of dystopian outcomes, or find comfort in the dreams of a utopian world, we hope that you enjoy exploring our many visions for the future.

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gal-dem is a new media publication, committed to telling the stories of people of colour from marginalised genders.  With our online and print magazine, we’re addressing inequality and misrepresentation in the industry through platforming the creative and editorial work of our community across essays, opinion, news, arts, music, politics and lifestyle content.  The current journalistic landscape is 94% white and 55% male and gal-dem is actively trying to redress this imbalance in media more broadly through both our editorial and commercial work.  We believe that taking control of the way we are portrayed in the media is essential – but our end goal is not simply representation: our journalism and creative work can shape debates, shift discussions, create new ways of thinking and contribute to social movements.  We empower and support the creative work of our communities through disrupting tired stereotypes and showcasing their work and thoughts as a vital part of discussions in a whitewashed media environment.  You can support us and our work by becoming a gal-dem member today.

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